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Customer Service

First order?
When you order for the first time, you can register for a member account or contact us to get a member account. Get your member account and order online.
Online order flow chart:
                           → offline payment → verification passed → send confirmation order email → shipment
Register Login → Search Products → Add to Cart → Submit Order →
                           → Balance Payment → Send Confirmation Order Email → Delivery
Why wait for review?
Since reagent products are different from everyday consumer products, prices and stocks fluctuate. So after you submit your order, you need to wait for my company's customer service review
How long does the audit take?
After receiving your order, our company's customer service will send the official sales order to your registered email within half an hour.
How to pay?
Offline payment → offline or public payment, after payment, contact customer service.
Balance payment → A registered member or agent can pre-store a certain amount of money and perform balance payment in the background and enjoy certain discounts.
Is there an invoice?
Refer to the invoice system description.
About the delivery period?
Our products are mainly commissioned by professional express delivery and logistics company delivery, usually spot products can be received within 2-5 days. Futures products can be received within 2-3 weeks. When looking for orders from outside customers, please make arrangements.
If there are other questions contact customer service

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