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Invoice Information

1. How to get an invoice
The products sold by Afeiyu Bio are all brand reagents. Each order comes with a Chinese-made “VAT invoice” or “VAT invoice”. This invoice can be used as a unit reimbursement certificate and tax credit, which can be self-opened when the order is placed.
B One package corresponds to one invoice and the invoice is issued with each package.
C The invoice amount includes the delivery fee amount.
2. Set up invoice information
When A member registers, the invoice information that is filled in is not arbitrarily changed after confirmation by our company.
B invoice types are VAT ordinary invoices and VAT special invoices. General universities, research institutes, and non-general taxpayer companies choose ordinary value-added tax invoices; general taxpayers’ companies and units need to provide billing data to issue special value-added tax invoices.
The contents of the C invoice can not be empty, you can write the name of the individual or unit, the number of words is limited to 21 characters. Reagents do not belong to daily necessities. In principle, we only issue invoices for the rise of units. The inconvenience caused to you please also understand.
D increase in ticket: VAT invoice content can only select the details of the goods, to bring you inconvenience, please understand.
3. Invoicing considerations
A invoice can not be higher than the order amount.
B In principle, only one invoice is issued for an order. If customers have special requirements, they can apply to our customer service.
4. Change invoice
A After receiving the invoice, if you find that due to the reasons caused by our company due to the wrong bill, the content or the amount, you can call customer service, customer service staff for you to change invoices, round-trip delivery costs borne by our company. One month after the invoice was issued, we will no longer accept invoices.
B If you haven’t checked invoice invoice due to your reasons, you will be responsible for the exchange of return delivery fee.
5. Lost invoice
After the invoice has been issued, our company has paid 17% of value-added tax to the country. If you lose your invoice due to negligence, make up the invoice. After paying 17% VAT, you can add it back.
6. True and false invoice inquiry
Inquiry entry """ invoice authenticity information query

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