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Logistics Transportation

Freight charge standard
1. Since the reagent product is fragile, professional packaging is required. Therefore, the freight is calculated after the goods are packaged.
Online self-order, full 100 postage;
If it is less than 100, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shanghai shipping costs 10 yuan, 12 yuan from other regions
2. Products stored at -20°C and 4°C are now eligible for free refrigeration.
3. Our company product distribution, mainly commissioned by professional courier companies.
4. If the package is larger than 15kg, it is recommended to choose logistics. Specific logistics costs are subject to the order.
* The freight to be paid is to be remitted to our company's account together with the product's payment. We will issue a formal invoice (including freight) and you can reimburse your company.
In addition, in the invoice details, the freight is combined in the product's purchase price and is not listed separately.
  At present, Feiyu Bio has signed cooperation agreements with domestic courier companies such as Shentong, Zhongtong, and Shunfeng. The default is Shentong or Zhongtong Express, and it usually takes 3-4 days to reach mainstream domestic first-tier cities (in case of a special case of Double 11). Except), please arrange the experiment plan rationally.

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