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Product Acceptance

1. When you receive the goods, please check whether the product name, quantity, and quality specifications are the same as the ones you ordered. If there is objection, please contact our company customer service in time. In accordance with customer service to provide timely information to return the goods, our company for your first time to arrange delivery of the right goods. Please be sure to return the package integrity of the goods.



2. When you receive the goods, if you find that the packaging is damaged or the product is leaked, please take a photo and keep the photo and return the photo to the customer service of our company. After the company confirms, it will replace the new goods in time for you. The goods are processed according to the customer service information.



3. There is no feedback within 24 hours after the receipt of the goods. Our company, by default, you have agreed with the company's arrival situation, and there are no problems such as damaged packaging or wrong goods.



4. Because most of the goods are delivered in express delivery, please sign as much as possible, such as signed by another person or third party that you identify, and also agree with the same effect as your own sign, if no feedback within 24 hours, the default goods intact Correctly served.



5. The default period for the quality of all products of our company is 60 days. If there is any quality objection, please make it within 60 days. After more than 60 days, our company has already approved the quality of the product by default.

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