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Arrival Cycle

Delivery time display "Spot": indicates the packaging specifications and quantity of the product you need. We currently have stock, after the order confirmation (such as prepayment customers, need to confirm receipt of payment) arrange delivery within 24 hours, in case of legal Holidays are followed by one after another. If there are special circumstances after the telephone contact can arrange delivery.


Delivery period shows "2-3 days": indicates that we currently have stock in this product, but it is still in the stage of repackaging or testing. After the order is confirmed (such as prepaid customers, you need to confirm the receipt of payment), arrange delivery within one week. .


Delivery period display "need to consult": indicates that the product needs to contact our customer service to confirm, delivery time from week to weeks is uncertain, of course, very few products may appear out of stock, please understand.


At present, Feiyu Bio has signed cooperation agreements with domestic courier companies such as Shentong, Zhongtong, and Shunfeng. The default is Shentong or Zhongtong Express, and it usually takes 3-4 days to reach mainstream domestic first-tier cities (in case of a special case of Double 11). Except), please arrange the experiment plan rationally.

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