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Product Preservation

  For compound products (standard products, powders, biochemical reagents, etc.), our company guarantees that the quality of our products is in line with the standards listed by our company. Due to the special nature of the chemicals, our company is responsible for the quality of the products before they are used, and has no responsibility or indirect responsibility for the application of chemicals. Our company reminds the buyer to test the product quality in advance according to technical specifications before doing experiments. After the product has been used, the buyer has full responsibility for the application and its results. The following are some of the common problems in preserving usage:

1 About storage conditions

Most of the reagent products are relatively stable, as long as you store them strictly according to the storage conditions on the product packaging or instructions, it can fully guarantee its normal use within the validity period. Common storage conditions are below XX degrees Celsius, 2-8 degrees Celsius, room temperature and so on. Special reminder, for certain enzyme products, if the storage conditions are 2-8 degrees Celsius, do not store at zero, otherwise it is easy to deactivate, for some need to be strictly light, moisture, nitrogen protection, exposure to air or excessive exposure is very Easily oxidized or deteriorated by moisture.

2 About some cold storage products, refrigeration problems during transportation

For products that require low temperature storage, we will use cold storage during transportation. Although the outside air temperature during transportation may be high and the transportation time is longer, it will not affect the product quality because ordinary cold storage is suitable for those short-term (2 Around the week) high temperature is still stable products; recommended low temperature storage products, long-term products do not need long-term storage conditions, you can rest assured that use.

3 About product applications

For some relatively special products, we will provide product specifications, you can use as a reference. For common reagents, because of their wide application, only test reports are generally provided. If you have a problem during the experiment, please discuss it with us. We will try our best to help you solve it.

4 About product packaging and solution preparation

Product packaging: It is best not to subcontract yourself after receiving the goods, because the subcontracting environment, packaging materials and other factors may lead to substandard product deterioration; if you have special packaging requirements, please contact our customer service representative when ordering. Explain that of course the price will be adjusted properly. After opening the lid, if it has not been used for a long time, be sure to re-seal it. It is recommended to use Parafilm's sealing film and use it according to the corresponding storage conditions. If it takes too long to exceed the validity period of the product, it is recommended that you purchase it again to avoid affecting the quality of the experiment.

Preparation of stock solution: The stability of the solution of most reagents is poor, and it is recommended to use the current method of use. To prepare a stock solution, use a suitable solvent and use it within one week.

For the sterilization method, we recommend removing bacteria by 0.22UM micro-membrane filtration method. Do not use ultraviolet, radiation or high-temperature sterilization methods, otherwise it will affect the activity of the compound, even destroy its structure and lead to complete inactivation.

5 About product arrival processing and acceptance

After you receive the product, please check the integrity of the product packaging and confirm the quantity. For many micro-products, the number is less than 500MG, we guarantee the correct amount of packaging before leaving the factory. Because the product packaging may be inverted during transportation, which may cause the product to adhere to the wall or the lid. Do not open the lid first. Place it gently on the right side to allow the product to sink to the bottom of the house. For liquid products, it can be centrifuged briefly at around 200 rpm, and the liquid can be collected at the official site to avoid loss.

The weight of the label on the product label will definitely become an error. Within the following range, it belongs to the normal range of our company.

Marking weight range

 tolerance scope







Why does it look like the bottle is empty? If the amount of product you buy is very small, and some products adhere to the wall of the tube during the lyophilization process to form a thin layer, the presence of the product may not be observed. You can add the specified solvent (refer to the operating manual) and vortex or sonicate to completely dissolve.

For waxy or oily products, it is difficult to remove them for weighing. We recommend that you directly dissolve the compound with a suitable solvent. For hygroscopic compounds, when exposed to air, they absorb moisture and form droplets. The product needs to be stored in a desiccator.

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