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Remittance Information

Nantong Feiyu Biological Technology CO.,LTD. Payment Options
1  Public payment information:
account name:Nantong Feiyu Biological Technology CO.,LTD.
account number:10-705101040007639
Account bank:Agricultural Bank of China Jiangsu RugaoZhongshan East RoadBranch 
Tax ID:91320682576741354Y
Bank line numbers:103306270511
Registered address:Rugao City, such as the town of Huagang28Building annex2East west side of building1number;68819626

Alipay:15851290669 Ding Honglan
3 For private payment information:
   cardholder:Ding Honglan   Account bank:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Rugao Branch of Jiangsu Province)
  card number:6222081111000565581   

Details can consult customer service13813788405

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