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Terms of Sale

Feiyu Bio Sales Terms

1. Accurate ordering: At the time of issuing an order, the buyer should carefully review the product's technical specifications, packaging, quantity and other information in advance and confirm it is correct. Unknown areas should be immediately challenged to the seller. Once the order is confirmed, it is regarded as the buyer's approval of product technical indicators and other information.

2. Order changes: After an order has been issued, it usually does not change and does not need to be reconfirmed. If the following conditions occur, the seller will solicit the buyer's opinion, and then confirm or cancel an order: A) inventory is temporarily out of stock, need to arrange production; B) international chemical raw material price fluctuations, causing price changes; C) is a high-risk class, can not Air transport; D) Restricted products, which must apply for import and export licenses; etc. For ordering of customized chemicals, if the procurement of a certain basic raw material has serious difficulties, resulting in failure to produce, the seller has the right to terminate the order, and The buyer is notified at a time, and the seller does not bear any direct or indirect financial responsibility.

3. Order revocation: In view of the particularity of production, transportation, storage, and use of chemicals, after the order takes effect, the buyer may not unilaterally cancel the order. The cancellation of the order requires the written approval of the seller. The buyer unilaterally withdraws the order as a breach of contract, and the breach of contract is 100% of the contract amount.

4. Payment Terms: See Sales Orders for details.

5. Quality Responsibility: In view of the particularity of the reagent product, the seller is only responsible for the quality of the product before it is used, and has no direct or indirect responsibility for the application of the reagent product. The seller reminds the buyer to test the product quality in advance according to technical specifications before doing the experiment. After the product has been used, the buyer has full responsibility for the application and its results.

6. Acceptance criteria and objection period: The buyer shall use the standards of the product manufacturer as the acceptance criteria. If the product has any quality problems, the buyer shall file a written objection within 30 days after receipt of the goods. The buyer shall not raise any objection within the time limit. The goods meet their requirements and the seller assumes no responsibility.

7. Unexpected situation: The seller will promptly inform the buyer of fire, flood, storm, explosion, terrorist incident, war, government action or any other event that the seller cannot foresee, cannot avoid, and cannot overcome. The parties will, depending on the circumstances, decide to partially perform, all fail to perform or postpone their performance; if the deadline for the delivery period is a major national or international holiday or a national statutory holiday, the delivery period will be postponed; The seller will promptly inform the buyer of the goods and does not consider the seller’s breach of contract.

8. Pick-up and Delivery: The buyer should carefully check the packaging of the goods when picking up or receiving the goods. Once the buyer signs the receipt, the seller will not be responsible for the packaging status of the product; if the damaged packaging is found, the buyer shall reject the site or take photos for evidence collection, and ask the delivery staff. Doing damage records; then forwarded to the seller, the seller will deal with the situation according to the situation; the buyer after receiving the goods, if there is a shortage of goods, the buyer must notify the seller within two working days, after two working days as the buyer confirmed no shortage.

9. Safe operation: In order to ensure chemical safety, the buyer must designate a highly trained professional chemist to operate. Before the operation, the internationally accepted MSDS chemical safety operation manual must be carefully read. After adequate safety precautions are performed, the buyer is responsible for the safety of starting chemicals, safety of use, and the consequences of chemical reactions.

10. Dispute Resolution: This contract is applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China; if there is a dispute during the execution of the contract, the buyer and the seller shall be resolved through friendly negotiations; if the settlement cannot be resolved through negotiation, an application may be made to the arbitration or complaints agency at the seller's location.

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